"Elevating Tradition, Embracing Style"

At Kurti Swag, our venture commences with a vision that blends the vibrancy of contemporary fashion with the timeless allure of Indian tradition and craftsmanship. Our aim is to curate collections that narrate stories, where each thread intricately woven carries the legacy of skilled artisans, embracing the essence of cultural richness and modern flair.


Just another school day with three kids at home, a busy household and an already successful Jewellery Store running, Kurti Swag birthed from a sisters-sister-in-law conversation over their morning Chai. Asquare had already become a household name despite the booming online jewellery industry. The warmth and love of our customers and the increasing retention rate were highly promising.

One cannot have an overnight organic success. Kurti Swag was no different. From one order a day to, a little over dozen orders a week, to over hundred orders a month, to thousands and thousands of orders so far, our baby has made tremendous growth. That said, it was all because of you, our customers, our family. Every single comment, like, feedback, picture from you keep us running. They motivate us to do better and bring the best to you at the comfort of your homes. Quality is a key factor we look after in every order, right from the first one we packed. We also have five little Quality Inspectors, all under ten, our founders’ daughters and sons, keeping a close eye. Reaching hand-picked, unique and quality designs at affordable prices to our Kurti swag family has always been our goal. Our founders being extensive online shoppers themselves, the motto towards you, our customers, is for you to have a shopping experience that we want for ourselves. So, hope you have a great one. If you are new, welcome to the Kurti Swag Family. To the ones who already are, thank you for growing our family in all ways you could. Happy Shopping!

About the Founders

Nidhi Kedia

With a passion for fashion and a keen eye for style, Nidhi Kedia has transformed her dream into a reality, offering a curated collection of trendy and timeless clothing for women.

She studied MBA at ICFAI and gained invaluable experience working for renowned Consultancy firm Ernst & Young thereby lending a perfect blend of creativity and business acumen. Her vision was to create a brand that celebrated individuality and empowered women through fashion. 

She strives to inspire her customers to make conscious fashion choices

Namita Kedia

Namita Kedia studied her MBA from ICFAI and has worked for Karvy in the initial stages of her journey. However, it was her entrepreneurial spirit and desire for creative freedom that led her to embark on her own venture.

With a background in business management and a flair for fashion, Namita combines her strategic acumen with her creative vision to create a thriving online fashion apparel store.

She loves to source products from suppliers who prioritize ethical and sustainable practices

Rishika Jain

Having done B.Com Hons, Rishika set on to her entrepreneurial journey with Kurti Swag. Her journey into the fashion industry reflects her commitment to delivering high-quality, trendy, and affordable apparel to women across the globe.

Her vision is to promote confidence and self-expression through fashion while fostering sustainability and ethical practices in the industry.